Garlic Flakes

Garlic flakes are slices or bits of garlic that must be reconstituted before using.These flakes are natural white or yellow in colour.These garlic flakes are sometimes referred to as,instant garlic.


Garlic Slices

Garlic Slices are parchment-like skin is relatively inedible, much like the skin of an onion. Vacuum frying garlic slice, its advantages resulting from the hi-tech products are preservation of the original color, shape and distinctive crisp taste of the various varieties, while maintaining the minimal loss of nutrients.


Garlic Powder

Powdered garlic can easily be substituted for fresh garlic cloves. It has the unmistakable pungent aroma and flavour of fresh garlic. Garlic Powder are natural white or yellowish in color. Dissolves easily in cooking, great for garlic bread.


Garlic Granules

Garlic granules help repel flies,and are believed to exhibit antibiotic,expectorant and antihistamine qualities. They are nice light yellow in color. It has a strong flavour with low sulphur content.


Onion Mesh

In soups, vegetables in all preparations requiring the presences of pieces of onions, like pre-cooked dishes. In soups, vegetable dishes and all recaps requiring small pieces of onions.


Carrot Cubes

Carrot cubes are bright red in color.


Chives Tubuliar Green

Chives are long thin leaves that grow from 6-20 inches long. It cannot be dry well, but they can be chopped and frozen.It is often combined with ornamentals such as roses to mask the smell of the plants and confuse pests such as aphids.