Red Star

Red Star apples are lightly crispy, juicy, rather sweet, and delicately scented. They have red appearance and a thin peel.



red star

Fuji is one of the more attractive modern apple varieties. Its main characteristics is the lovely pink speckled flush over a yellow-green background. It is also crisp and juicy, with dull white flesh which snaps cleanly.



Gala is a sensory extravaganza. It is heart shaped distinctive yellow-orange skin with red strips. The flesh is cream-colored and dense, deeply sweet and intensely aromatic.


Pink Lady

Pink Lady is a cross of Golden Delicious and Lady Williams. It is medium in size and conical in shape with a distinctive pink blush over a yellow-background. The fine-grained flesh is crisp and crunchy and does not brown easily after the fruit has been cut.


Rome Beauty

Rome Beauty are very round fruit, medium to very large, with handsomely striped to almost solid red, thick skin. A favorite for baking and drying, and outstanding as a baked apple. Bright red skin, slightly juicy flesh.



New Zealand Red Delicious

Red delicious are very deep ruby skin and a classic heart shape. It has mild sweet flavor and a distinctive juicy crunch.




Pears are wide and almost conical. The skin is smooth, light color, pale gold and pale green patches. The Pear can soon turn over soft and woolly after a week or so less than ideal storing.



Washington Navels

Washington Navel orange is one of the most remarkable and spreadable orange kinds world wide. It is characterised by medium-size, clear navel, high level juice render, delicious taste, and medium-thick peel.



Navel Oranges

Navel oranges are the best oranges in the world for eating. It is very delicious, easily peeled seedless fruit.



Valencia Oranges

Valencia oranges, often called as summer oranges are usually small to medium in size and may have a few seeds. They are usually thin skinned.