Coke & Coal

Coal is a fossil fuel and is the dominant energy source in India, accounting for more than half of the country’s requirements. 70% of India’s coal production is used for power generation with the reminder goes to heavy industries and household consumption. With continuous increase in energy demand, India has to import more and more coal from countries nearby. Based in this Asia Subcontinent, DEVI has grabbed this valuable opportunity and has developed a strong network of coal suppliers from Indonesia consisted of miners and traders. Also our team of specialists has been stationing in Kalimantan for years to monitor the shipments there; particularly to ensure quality up to customers’ requirements.

Equipped with this competitive advantage over other players and with high standard in logistics arrangement, we are ready to render our services in developing the coal market in your country anytime.

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 DTL GAR 3500 B
 DTL GAR 3800 B
 DTL GAR 4150 B
 DTL GAR 4300 B
 DTL GAR 4700 B
 DTL GAR 4800 B
 DTL GAR 5000 B
 DTL GAR 5600 B
 DTL GAR 5900 B
 DTL GAR 4000 M
 DTL GAR 4100 M
 DTL GAR 4400 M
 DTL GAR 4800 M
 DTL GAR 5100 M
 DTL GAR 6200 M
 Map of Coal Loading Ports in Indonesia
 Map of Coal Recieving Ports in India
 Map of Coal Recieving Ports in China