Oil & Gas

Devi Resources Ltd. Oil and Gas Division focuses on trading and development of oil products and petroleum coke in Asia Pacific and Indian Sea.

Trading is the engine of our business, and energy – in many different physical forms – is the resource we trade the most. In fact, almost all of the activities are driven by trading – from negotiation, to shipping, to storage. More than simply a thread linking every aspect of what we do, trading is the conduit through which we receive and share market information, maintain the balance and flow of our liquidity, and forge lasting, rewarding relationships with customers in the petroleum trading sector.

Products and Service Features

All products and services traded within the petroleum industries especially oil-related products, gas and petrochemicals are envisaged to give the edge to the company in the Asia Pacific, Indian Sea and Middle East market. The company is considering to take part in trading and swapping main products in Platts windows.

Marketing Strategy

The company strategy is to focus on trading and concentrate its resources on the greatest opportunities available in the Asia Pacific market to increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. The overall goals are to find, attract, and win new clients, as well as finding new trading partners, along with supplying resources required within the oil, gas and petrochemicals industries.

Mission and Key Objectives

  •  Trading of oil, gas, petroleum coke and petrochemical products.
  •  Oil and petrochemical products swap.
  •  Transit of the oil and petrochemical products from the neighbouring countries.
  •  Purchasing and procurement of the oil and petrochemical products from refineries and
    petrochemical plants, and trade with the countries in the Apac area.
  •  Allocation of financial capital to oil, gas and petrochemical projects, trading of the oil,
    gas and petrochemical products.
  •  Carry out the logistic requirements of the trading activities.
  •  Forming joint ventures and cooperate with the domestic and foreign companies in
    order to develop and expand the above-noted activities.
  •  Providing facility packages for projects by means of banking funds.

Key to Success

Devi Resources Ltd keys to long-term success and profitability are as follows:

  •  Differentiate and improve our services to our clients so that we are better
    able to serve their needs.
  •  Keeping close contacts with clients and suppliers and to establish a well functioning long-term
    relationship in order to generate business and create a top notch reputation.
  •  Providing quality service as swift as possible.
  •  Acting within the framework of honesty, sincerity and reliability.
 Gasoil 0.5% max. Sulphur
 Gasoil 500ppm
 Gasoil 10ppm
 Russian Gasoil
 Marine Gasoil
 High Sulphur Fuel Oil 180cst