Ship Chartering

Devi Trading Co., Ltd, Hong Kong started chartering operations in 2006.

To begin with, the chartering of vessels was  mainly to cater for Devi’s own cargoes against their CIF sales. These cargoes were principally Iron Ore and Cement Clinkers and later on also included bagged/bulk Fertilisers, Steam Coal and other bulk commodities. Over time, Devi Trading also started chartering in tonnage for various customers as an operator.
The areas of operations are mainly China, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, in the Far East and the Persian Gulf, West & East coast of India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in West/South Asia. Some iron Ore cargoes have also been transported from Australia to China.

The type of vessels chartered varies according to requirements of cargo size/trade/ports etc. Vessels chartered include: small handies, handymax, supramax, panamax, baby capes and on several occasions full size cape vessels have also been taken on charter. Since commencement of chartering operations nearly 500 vessels have been chartered by Devi Trading. Vessels are chartered on both time charter and voyage charter.

Devi Trading’s chartering operations are performed by their London chartering dept which has experienced personnel some of whom have been working in the London market for three decades. Devi Trading has a worldwide network of ship brokers working on their behalf as well as bunker brokers working for them to arrange bunkers for their chartered vessels. Devi Trading has established a network of reliable shipping agents at various ports of call.

Devi Trading has been entered with the Raetsclub in Rotterdam for their pandi cover for many years and enjoy excellent service from them.

Cargoes transported on a year to year basis are as follows:-

2006          1.2   Million Tons.
2007          1.3   Million Tons.
2008          1.0   Million Tons.
2009          4.9   Million Tons.
2010          3.4   Million Tons.
2011          1.7   Million Tons.
2012          1.8   Million Tons.
2013          1.4   Million Tons.